First use and functional demonstration


    1. Setting
    2. Added new warehousing pickup
    3. Pick up goods from warehouse
    4. Add new member
    5. Member details
    6. History record


  • You can optionally use Office 365, Office 2024, Office 2021, Office 2019, Office 2016 or office software that supports automatically inheriting the upstream formula when inserting a new row.
  • Collaboration: It is recommended that you use OneDrive to store Latest.xlsm in the network disk, and other terminal devices can directly synchronize operations.
    Use iPad, IOS, Android and other terminals to enjoy collaboration by installing Microsoft Excel office software
  • VBA functionality will not be available when VBA is not enabled or included

The main function

    • Supports 40 product management
    • After setting available products, hide member details and unused products in history
    • If there are products of the same price, wouldn't you regard them as the same product?
    • Into the database: After adding, statistics can be viewed in the settings interface
    • Picking up goods: correcting and picking up goods quickly during inventory, statistics can be viewed in the setting interface
    • Software A sells 666 pieces and software B sells 333 pieces. Wouldn?t you add two pick-up items, 666 and 333? Doesn?t this count data from other platforms?
    • You can add: surname, first name, gender, ID number, age, phone number, email, home address, notes, etc. Unused items can be hidden
    • Set employee names, contact numbers, and preferred employees

After opening VBA, the following features are enabled

    • Step 4: Required when adding a member, new deposits are allowed after addition (after passing the verification item when adding a new member, a new historical record will be inserted for deposit)
    • Step 7: Must fill in the unit
    • Phone number: It only prompts when the 11-digit number is met or not, and does not force you to enter it correctly.
    • ID number: After entering the ID number, check whether it is correct.
    • Email: Verify the correct email address
    • In the member details, after selecting the member, you can click "Deposit" or "Withdraw" to quickly add an item to the history.
    • Tip: Whether you click "New Deposit" or "New Withdrawal", select the type change in the history.
    • New warehouse pickup and new members will be available
    • Reset the worksheet to add new products, pick up goods from the warehouse, add error messages in new members, instant verification, etc.
    • Reset: errors, instant verification, etc.
    • After setting the preferred employee, it will automatically populate the list of all employees
    • After adding "product pickup" and "new member", formulas and data verification will be automatically inserted and the function will be initialized.
    • Ctrl+Shift + M: After obtaining the current date and time, insert or update to the "time" row (valid for warehouse pickup, member details, and history records)
    • Ctrl+Shift + A: History - New, automatically filled in (only valid in member details)
    • Ctrl+Shift + Q: History - new, automatically filled in and withdrawn (only valid in member details)

Terms and Conditions

    1. Right-click the file, select Properties, and unlock the file.

    2. Enable editing

    3. Enable content

    4. Enable VBA macro functions

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