Extraction source:

    1. Microsoft Windows 10 21H1 Extract from the following files:
      • en_windows_10_business_editions_version_21h1_x64_dvd_ec5a76c1.iso | 5.56 GB
      • en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_21h1_x64_dvd_540c0dd4.iso | 5.68 GB
      • en_windows_10_iot_enterprise_version_21h1_x64_dvd_979c6901.iso | 5.22 GB
      • en_windows_10_consumer_editions_version_21h1_x86_dvd_68cee121.iso | 3.85 GB
      • en_windows_10_business_editions_version_21h1_x86_dvd_1495793c.iso | 3.76 GB
    2. All versions have been updated to *5C Local Language Experience Pack (LXPs);
    3. All versions have been updated to 19043.1081;

One, File details

File Architecture Language Solution Collection
Microsoft Windows 10 Multilingual: 2 language series
mu_Yi_21h1_x86_with_x64_2l1_27in1_june_2021.iso x64, x86 en-US, zh-CN 2l1, 17in1
mu_Yi_21h1_x64_2l1_14in1_june_2021.iso x64 en-US, zh-CN 2l1, 14in1
mu_Yi_21h1_x86_2l1_13in1_june_2021.iso x86 en-US, zh-CN 2l1, 13in1
Microsoft Windows 10 Multilingual multilingual: 5 language series
mu_Yi_21h1_x86_with_x64_5l1_27in1_june_2021.iso x64, x86 en-US, ja-jp, ko-kr, zh-TW, zh-CN 2l1, 17in1
mu_Yi_21h1_x64_5l1_14in1_june_2021.iso x64 en-US, ja-jp, ko-kr, zh-TW, zh-CN 2l1, 14in1
mu_Yi_21h1_x86_5l1_13in1_june_2021.iso x86 en-US, ja-jp, ko-kr, zh-TW, zh-CN 2l1, 13in1

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