System characteristics

    1. The world's first open source packaging system solution to create a personalized customized version;
    2. In order to better conform to the usage habits of the Chinese people, an all-English version of the system has been tailored;
    3. The PowerShell installation software script developed by Yi can be downloaded online or installed locally; learn more:
      Github Gitee
    4. Compared with the original system, add solutions and answer files; purpose:
      System optimization and software installation are not completed during packaging, but are chosen by the user!
    5. Why not integrate the latest patch?
      It seems that there are too many rollover problems caused by the patch! There is no problem to toss out problems, that is called Xianxin good!

One, File details

Microsoft Windows 10
mu_Yi_21h1_x64_may_2021.iso x64 en-US, zh-CN 13in1 5.40 GB

Two. Start downloading

  • Use compression software to decompress the suffix .7z.*;
  • Verify if distributed by Yi,

Three, common creation tools

PXE Engraving Solution
AIO Boot
Legacy Run Tftpd64, and UEFI support is not added temporarily;
U Disk boot and creation tool
Use Ventoy to run ISO under UEFI or Legacy BIOS, best with PE
Tools WinNTSetup, Rufus, etc.

Four, Ghost version has been cancelled, understand the difference between ISO and GHO:

Summary ISO GHO
Language United States - English;中国 - 简体中文;
Use ESD compression Yes No
ESD Split and merge Yes No
UEFI Support Other
Reset system Support Support
Unattended solution
Bootable from CD or third party, Realize
semi-automatic and fully automatic installation
Support Not supported
Run [ISO]:\Setup.exe
Answer file (or unattended file)
Support Not supported
Can be decompressed and installed
And Ghost and third-party installation
Support Support
Account configuration
Default Administration user password Not set, blank
Administrator Automatic
account login
System Configuration
Input method order 1. Pinyin; 2. Wubi; 3. English ( Default );
System patch [*]:\Yi\Yi\Report.xml
Initial installation
System disk label OS
The drive can be pre-allocated to any drive letter A-Z Yes Not supported
Search for fonts and install (otf, ttf) Structure: [A-Z]:\Yi\Fonts, [A-Z]:\Fonts
Run after searching Yi.bat Structure: [A-Z]:\Yi\Yi.bat, [A-Z]:\Yi.bat
Run after searching Yi.ps1 Structure: [A-Z]:\Yi\Yi.ps1, [A-Z]:\Yi.ps1

Five, Bonus solutions


Enter the home directory from the desktop Support, click the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop
Can be deleted completely Support
Check for updates after running Yi.[bat, ps1] for the first time If a new version is found, it will be forced to update by default
Online update Support
Available theme color light or dark Support, sync system theme and third-party access every 1 minute

Six, What is Yi's Solution?

Full name: Yi's Solution, produced and Reportd by Yi, following open source agreements, integrated software Reports, Answer file ( or unattended file ), etc. How to Report it yourself?

    1. Select the version of MSDN to be downloaded;
    2. Download the latest version of Yi's Solution

      File Version Size Verification
      Yi.Solutions.tar.xz 981MB [PGP] [SHA256]
    3. After downloading the MSDN version, unzip the ISO to any directory, for example: D:\OS\[file name];
    4. Please close the anti-virus software before decompression, otherwise DISM will report an error;
    5. How to use Yi's Solution to Report Windows 7, 10
      Watch online: Local watch, YOUTUBE

Legal Notices

By using any version, you agree to "Microsoft Software License Terms" middle (5.) Licensed software and activation terms of service.
It is strongly recommended that you purchase genuine licenses through official Microsoft channels.

Legal considerations

The European Union Directive 2009/24 on the legal protection of computer programs regulates reverse engineering in the European Union. The directive states:

  • (15) Unauthorized copying, translation, adaptation or transformation of the code form that provides a copy of the computer program constitutes an infringement of the author's exclusive rights. However, in this case, there may be certain situations. The duplication of the code and the translation of its form are essential to obtain the information necessary to achieve interoperability. A program created independently with other programs. Therefore, it must be considered that only in these limited circumstances, the person who has the right to use the copy of the program or the act of performing copying and translation on behalf of others is lawful and consistent with fair practices, and therefore must be considered as unnecessary for the right holder Authorization. The purpose of this exception is to make it possible to connect all components of the computer system (including components of different manufacturers) so that they can work together. This exception to the author’s exclusive right shall not be used in a way that harms the author’s legitimate rights and interests or conflicts with the normal use of the program.
    1. Operating systems based on Yi are only used for technical communication and for personal research and experimentation. Do not use them for commercial purposes and you are solely responsible for them.
    2. You must agree to the above exemption clauses before you can use this work. If any objection, it is strongly recommended not to use.
    3. If there is any dispute, we will not bear any legal responsibility!