The first time you use the selection type T or E mode, the user only needs to mix up the products of the same price, and fill in the work and get off work to automatically get the amount of sold and price. Provides intelligent error prompts and multiple codes.
Multi-function dashboard to view all current data, cash calculator, statistical error, etc.


Multi-functional dividend template, supports five shareholders and division of proportions, monthly fixed income, monthly fixed expenditure, other expenditures and more details.


Through the local management of your address book, your communication channels become organized, and everything is under your control.
What can be recorded? Including name, department, position, mobile phone, fixed phone, community, identity, etc.


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United States - English iCafeCash.ENG.xls (202kb) [PGP] [SHA256]
iCafeCash.ENG.xlsx (175kb) [PGP] [SHA256]

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Interface style is lost

Interface style is lost